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New Release: Cute New Women’s Camera Strap with Blue and Yellow Fabric and Brown Leather Trim

Yellow and Blue Camera Neck Strap

Introducing “Lemon Truffles,” our newest designer DSLR camera strap with leather piping and ends.  This strap was made for women who prefer a wide, padded neck strap and soft leather edges for comfort on your neck.  In addition, the strap is long enough to carry messenger-style to relieve your back from the weight of a heavy DSLR camera (such as those made by Canon, Nikon, and Sony).  Quick-release buckles allow straps to be easily interchanged with other Abie Camera Straps and are also handy for easy packing and tripod use.

Another unique feature is the sewn in compact flash card pocket so you can always have a spare nearby.  It fits nicely in the brown suede backing which was chosen especially for softness and good shoulder gripping.

Click to buy a Lemon Truffles camera strap or go to to see more than 30 other beautiful camera straps.


Flash card pocket on camera strap

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Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Female Photographer

If you’re wracking your brain for the perfect gift, look no further because Abie Straps has compiled a list of the hottest items for female photographers.

1. The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography by Tamara Lackey: Learn the ins and outs of mastering contemporary children’s portraiture with lighting and natural posing techniques. Today’s families want images showcasing their kids’ personalities in a relaxed setting, and this book will teach you how to set the stage for capturing those spontaneous moments. Plus, 100% of the book’s proceeds benefit children’s charities – perfect gift for this holiday season!

2. Girls Day Out SHUTTER|bag: Ditch the old canvas bag in lieu of this more fashionable leather option. A gorgeous high-quality camera bag, your SHUTTER|bag can double as a diaper bag or handbag, complementing your outfit and allowing you to tote your camera in style.

3. Ombre Shooting Gloves: Perfect for these cool winter months, these super long fingerless ombre gloves keep your hands warm while allowing you to have easy access to your camera controls.

4. Abie Camera Strap: This high end luxury camera strap will fit comfortably around her neck allowing her to snap pictures for hours without feeling the weight of the camera. From pops of color, to cool neutral hues, you’ll be able to find the perfect pattern to suit her style making this the one accessory she won’t leave home without. In addition, proceeds from all Abie Strap sales go to charities that help those in third world countries!

5. Shutter Face Pendant: Combine your passion with fashion and you have the perfect accessory in this pendant that comes from a Kodak Model 2a folding Autographic Brownie camera dating from 1913 to 1930.

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Introducing the Perfect Fall Camera Strap for Your Abie Collection

Thanksgiving is almost here, and Shadow has a lot to be thankful for! Not only is fall a time of abundant squirrel activity, but she now has a new camera strap to keep her stylish as she photographs those furry toy-like creatures burying their acorns.

Her new “Autumn Bloom” strap is a luxurious blend of satin jacquard fabric in a neutral blend of coppers and browns complete with bronze leather piping detail. High-quality dark brown leather ends and dark brown microsuede backing complete this strap, giving it a simple and elegant look and feel that will make a statement at any time of year.

Whether you’re out chasing…um photographing…squirrels or snapping pictures of the colorful leaves, our “Autumn Bloom” Abie Strap is the designer photo accessory you can depend on for comfort, durability, and style. To order your “Autumn Bloom” Abie Strap, click here. To shop our other collections and find the perfect gift for you or a photographer you love, visit us at www.abiestraps.comAbie Camera Straps Autumn Bloom Neck Strap

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Abie Strap & SHUTTER|bag Giveaway

The season of giving is upon us; though, here at Abie Straps, we believe giving shouldn’t be reserved for just a season. We are thrilled to be partnering with SHUTTER|bag to give one lucky winner a luxury camera bag and an Abie Strap from our newest Bloom series. The holidays are a time for capturing memories of kids dancing around the Christmas tree, caroling, and portraits of relatives home for the celebration, and we want you to capture them in both comfort and style, which is why this is a giveaway you don’t want to miss!

SHUTTER|bag, featured in the Huffington Post, is the luxury camera bag that will last years thanks to its high end leather craftsmanship and fashionable appearance. Specializing in providing women photographers a chic alternative to the old, masculine camera bags, SHUTTER|bag will make you the envy of everyone who has lugged around a large black canvas camera bag!

What’s a great bag without an equally fabulous necklace? The two go hand in hand, which is why we pounced at the opportunity to give away a gorgeous matching Abie Strap, aptly named “Midnight Bloom” from our newest Bloom series. A luxurious blend of blues, this strap is sure to compliment your holiday outfit while providing the comfort and durability you need from a camera strap.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Shadow has been the talk of the dog park since showing off the season’s three most stylish necessities: a Coach collar, a SHUTTER|bag, and an Abie Strap!

You have a chance at winning this chic combination by entering our giveaway! Now through November 20th, you can enter to win when you: “Like” Abie Straps on Facebook, sign up for Abie Strap Newsletter, “Like” SHUTTER|bag  on Facebook, sign up for SHUTTER|bag newsletter. You’ll get one entry per method, so increase your chances by doing them all!

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Good luck!

Amy Jackson - Oh how I would love; what a thankful gift!November 17, 2013 – 11:57 am

gale - Would LOVE to sport one of yoyr straps on my camerasNovember 18, 2013 – 12:44 pm

Katie Lay - Thank you for this opportunity!November 19, 2013 – 11:49 am

Julie Kennedy - Love!November 19, 2013 – 1:18 pm

Adrienne Thompson - Great combination!November 19, 2013 – 1:57 pm

Tasha - I have an Abie strap and love it!November 19, 2013 – 2:12 pm

Tasha - Love Abie straps, I shopped around for a while before finding Abiedesigns and do not regret my purchase!November 19, 2013 – 2:15 pm

Jennifer Boynton - What a great prize. I love my Abie straps and can always use a nice camera bag :) November 19, 2013 – 2:56 pm

Franco Casonato - Abie straps a nice discovery in 2013!!November 19, 2013 – 3:50 pm

Chris Humes - I want an Abie strap!November 19, 2013 – 5:12 pm

Regina Cowan - Beautiful!November 19, 2013 – 6:36 pm

Suzie Horton - What a wonderful opportunity to win sixh beautiful things! I’m such a big fan of both of you on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you xoNovember 19, 2013 – 6:55 pm

Allyson Harvey - Thank you for the giveaway! Would love to have one of your gorgeous straps!! – Allyson HarveyNovember 19, 2013 – 7:35 pm

Susan Byrd - Love this combination.November 19, 2013 – 10:14 pm

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Abie Straps Partners with Organizations to Bring Sight to Others

Today is World Sight Day and I could not be more excited to announce my newest endeavor, and partnership with Helen Keller International and Mercy Ships, to bring sight to those struggling in third world countries. Please continue reading for a look at my passion, and discover what drives me to want to share my vision. I am hoping, after reading this insight, you will feel compelled to also share your’s.

The further I get into my photography, the more I realize how critical an element light is.  It is the first thing I consider when deciding where, how, and when to photograph a subject.  Light adds mood, depth, emotion, and beauty to an image, and without light, we would never see the beauty of this world.

As I grow in my appreciation of physical light, I am also growing in my recognition of Spiritual light.  Jesus is the light and promises that whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but have the light of life (John 8:12).  The more I embrace Jesus, the less darkness I experience in my life, for darkness cannot exist when light is present, and the joy I have gained through my relationship with my Savior brings me light even when the world tries to bring me darkness.

My art and my faith have always been intertwined, and I love how light is the crucial element for both.  I have heard that this physical earth is just a metaphor for the truth of who God is.  As its Creator, He is reflected in its majesty, mystery, intricacy, and beauty.  In fact, Romans 1:20 states that no man who has seen the beauty of the creation has an excuse to deny the existence of God.

It saddens me to think some do not see the light of this world.  Some only see darkness and cannot see the beauty of form and shape that the light reveals and that I, as a photographer, try to capture.  This is why I have chosen to focus my charity fundraising to help the blind.  There are still preventable diseases in third world countries that steal this most precious sense from the world’s poorest people.  Sadly, many lose their sight due to malnutrition and lack of Vitamin A.  But joyfully, for a low cost, the treasure of sight can be preserved or even restored.  When I learned that for a few dollars, a child could be saved from future blindness, and for $100 a blind adult could have his or her vision restored, I felt like I had been given the ability to make an amazing impact of the lives of others so that they, too, could enjoy the gift of light.

Jesus healed the blind—both physically and spiritually.  As a follower of Jesus, I am called to be like Him.  I never thought I had the ability to physically heal the blind, but through my donations, I can.  How amazing!  So, 100% of the profits from Abie Straps, my designer camera strap business, will be donated to Helen Keller International and Mercy Ships for their work curing and preventing blindness in third world countries.

To those whom much is given, much is expected.  I used to feel guilty that God has blessed me with so much.  I have a great gift in being able to create beautiful images through photography and have built a successful business around it.  But I have come to realize that God has given me these gifts to share with others.  So, now I rejoice in being able to share my gifts—through beautiful memories in pictures as well as restoring sight to the blind.

When you buy an Abie Strap, I hope you will be blessed with a camera strap that has been carefully designed for comfort, beauty and durability.  But I also hope you are blessed with the knowledge that you, too, are actually playing a vital part in helping restore sight to those less fortunate.  Thank you for helping me with my mission and my calling.


Ellen LeRoy

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